Nearly 200 students forming teams of fourth- and fifth-graders from all across Salem-Keizer elementary schools competed in the 30th running of the Math 24 Challenge on April 6, 2019, at McKay High School.

Over 100 math students from McKay High School volunteered to organize, promote, and run the competition, led by Teresa Grindy, who is the event coordinator, and math teacher at McKay High School.

Students play the Math 24 card game that emphasizes math skills and number fluency with the hopes of advancing on to the final rounds. The game features cards that show four numbers in each corner. The goal is to use all four of those numbers in any combination — addition, subtraction, multiplication or division — to reach the number 24.

Both students who won first place in their divisions performed at the highest level in the competition and were recognized at the May 12 School Board meeting for excellence in mathematics.

  • Cate Nickel, from Candalaria Elementary School, won the fourth grade division.
  • Carter Lovell, from Schirle Elementary, won the fifth grade division.

We are impressed by these students’ outstanding efforts, and are proud of them and the rest of the participants who competed at the districtwide competition.

Congratulations to Carter & and Cate on getting first place in this year’s 24 Challenge!